What is Normal Baby delivery.

Normal baby delivery is also known as vaginal delivery. It is the process of childbirth in which baby is born through the mother’s vagina. This method of child birth is the most common method of childbirth. Normal baby delivery involve following several stages:

1. Early Labor: In the first stage contractions begin and the cervix starts to dilate and efface (thin out). This stage of early labour can last for several hours or more and it might not be very intense at the beginning.

2. Active Labor: In second stage contractions become stronger, longer, and more frequent, causing the cervix to continue dilating. This is the stage women should reach to the hospital for delivery. Active labor can last for several hours.

3. Transition: This is the third stage and final phase of labor before pushing begins.In this stage contractions are intense and close together. The cervix of mother reaches full dilation (10 centimeters) during this phase.

4. Pushing and Birth: In this stage the baby starts to moves down the birth canal, and the pregnant mother starts to push with each contraction. This stage can last from a few minutes to a few hours. Once the baby’s head crowns or becomes visible at the vaginal opening, the healthcare provider helps guide the baby out by supporting the perineum and guiding the baby’s head and body.

5. Delivery of Placenta: In this stage after the baby is born, the placenta which nourished the baby during pregnancy, is delivered. This process usually happens within a few minutes to half an hour after birth.

What are the factors Encouraging Normal Delivery:

Followings are the factors which encourage mother for normal delivery

  1. Preparation: Prenatal education about pregnancy, exercises, and birth plans can help in having a successful normal delivery.
  2. Labor Support: Family support is very important this can positively impact the birth experience journey.
  3. Positioning and Movement: It is recommended to change the position during labor. It can help progress and ease the birthing process.
  4. Pain Management: It is advised to adopt various natural pain management techniques, such as breathing exercises, massage, hydrotherapy, or using a birthing ball, can assist in coping with labor pain.

What are the benefits of Normal Delivery:

  1. Quicker Recovery: The advantage of normal delivery is that recovery of mother after a vaginal birth is faster as compared to a caesarean section delivery.
  2. Bonding and Breastfeeding: Early breastfeeding helps in skin to skin bonding of mother and baby. This is possible only with a normal delivery.
  3. Lower Risks: Vaginal birth poses fewer risks and complications for both the mother and the baby as compared to surgical interventions like C-sections.

As we know that many women aim for a normal delivery, depends on individual circumstances it may necessitate for other birthing methods, such as a cesarean section, for the safety of the mother and the baby during baby delivery. 

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